Request for applications to our Kawauchi Mura homing project

As we already outlined in our SVCF bulletins 19 and 20, we will initiate supporting activities as soon as feasible, by the end of August at the latest. The headquarters for the Kawauchi Mura Homing Project has been established within the SVCF Secretariat.

Among the SVCF rosters, a list of willing participants in the project will be issued, and a task force set up.

Activities are mainly indoor works, as requested by the returnees.

So far we have not received an itemized request of the tasks for the preliminary investigation, but the outline is given below. We may organize a team of five to six members per house or facility.

I. Monitoring: issuance of a layout of the object, measurement of the level of radiation, mapping of the radioactive contour, check for the existence of hot spots.

II. Cleanups: if requested, involving frank and open discussion, unbiased suggestions for the best solutions, and the responsible execution.

III. Indoor clean up and organization

Note: SVCF Secretariat is making efforts to provide transportation and lodgings for applicants. However, we regret to say that no definite plans exist at present. We will inform you later.

Those who wish to participate are asked to send us the following 3 relevant items of information, as early as possible by e-mail or fax:

Your name, mailing address and fax number

To be sent to: svcf-admin@svcfjp or fax: 03-5980-8536, addressed to Ms. Kazuko SASAKI

We try to do our best in working with you.