Regarding the policy of providing assistance to Kawauchi Village in their Repatriation Program

SVCF, a public interest incorporated association, has as its main objective to carry out the clean-up work of Fukushima Daiichi NPP, instead of having the work carried out by more vulnerable young employees.  But so far, we have not even been granted entrance to work at the accident site.  In view of this, it would also be very important for us to work in the surrounding area, to provide various support activities related to the clean-up works in line with the aims of SVCF, as stipulated in the SVCF Articles. Our support service for Kawauchi Village in its repatriation program is one of these related activities.

At the SVCF October assembly in the Diet member house, we reported that we were examining a set of rules concerning assistance to voluntary participants in our Kawauchi support project.

Now we have a draft of such assistance rules, after consultation with vastly experienced volunteers, taking into account the financial status of SVCF as well.  The draft will be published in detail at the November 8 assembly in the Diet member house, and will at that time be open for discussion among the SVCF Members for further refinement.

1. Accommodation and traffic costs will be provided by the SVCF.

2. The cleaning and other practical arrangements will be preceded by close examination of the respective situations.

3.  The capability of SVCF Members will be essential for the future acceptance of our request.