We ask you to collect as many petition signatures as possible.

As we informed earlier, we have started a petition drive this October, to achieve a decision to allow the SVCF to participate in clean-up works in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Petitions addressed to the Prime Minister of Japan and the Chairpersons in both the House of Councilors and the House of Representatives include the following requests:

The separation of the present clean-up works from TEPCO, and the setting up of legislation aimed at establishing a national project for the safe decommission of the stricken plant.

Abolishment of the present top-down multi-layered contracts, in order to secure and allocate necessary human resources and to establish a centralized and unified management, with the objective to administer the safety control and exposure of radiation on the site.

We have already distributed a petition form for your signatures. If you have not yet signed such a form, we would earnestly solicit your agreement and signature, and that of as many others as possible. We also request those who have collected and submitted petitions to continue doing so.

The form is available on our web site, https://svcf.jp/pdf/121018_shomeiyoushi.pdf,


This petition drive goes on untilDecember 15, 2012, so please present yours by this deadline.

We plan to submit the collected petitions to the Japanese government and Diet houses in January 2013.