SVCF Supports the “Kawauchi Mura” Homing Project


SVCF has decided to support the homing project for the villagers of Kawauchi Mura or Kawauchi village.

Since an awful accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant last year, the village office and most of residents have evacuated.   In January 2012 the village head, Mr. Endo Yukio, declared the homing and the office and elementary and junior high schools are officially back to normal as from April 1, 2012 in the Kawauchi village.  It is reported that more than 400 residents have gone home.

In aid of the municipal homing project, SVCF has proposed of and discussed with local officials a detachment of voluntary workers, namely, SVCF members, for the cleanup, decontamination, and radiation measuring in housings.  Consequently, it is likely to begin an actual assistance under an agreement between SVCF and the village.  Vice President Shiotani will report on details in a next round of the regular In-Diet meeting.