SVCF has exchanged a memorandum with Kawauchi Village, Fukushima


SVCF has for some time offered the Kawauchi Village Office to provide supportive activities to villagers who wish to return to their homes.

SVCF as a corporation has thus volunteered to render assistance to the village in its repatriation program.

 After several talks, a memorandum was signed on September 14.

The outlines of this memorandum are as follows.

 1. Supportive activities

・  House cleaning and fixing

・  Monitoring of nuclear radiation

・  Decontamination, if any (after consultation of the appropriate method)

・  Other matters which the villagers wish to be done.

 2. Understandings

 ・ The assistance is given on a voluntary basis and free of charge

・  There will be a contact desk at the Residence Section of the Village Office

・  All activities are to be approved by the villager

・  Private information is to remain strictly confidential

・  Any sign of trouble must be reported

 3.  Termination of the supportive activities

   ・ March 31, 2014  (Heisei 26)

 For information, the full text of the memorandum will be published on the SVCF website within a few days.

As of now, we shall positively undertake supportive activities in theKawauchiVillage, as outlined in the memorandum.

We are also talking with neighboring local governments suffering from the accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, with the objective of setting up similar supportive programs.