Participation in “The Kawauchi Revival Festival”


For 3 days, August 12 through August 14, “The Kawauchi Revival Festival 2012” was held at Kawauchi Village, Futaba, Fukushima Pref.

About 18 members of SVCF (Skilled Veterans’ Corps forFukushima) and their supporting members took part in the festival.

SVCF plans to set up a volunteers’ mission to assist village evacuees wishing to return toKawauchiVillage, in activities such as house cleaning, monitoring and decontamination of residual radiation sources in and outside personal residences.

The reason for the participation in the festival was to encourage interchange with the villagers, as well as to spread information about the above supporting program.

 The main venue of the festival was in the parking area in front of “Kawauchi Spa”, a communal facility of the village. On both sides of a large stage were some 40 tents, in which various associations showed their respective PR activities.

SVCF rented two tents, one of which was used for drawing portraits by painters Ms Yuriko Sugiyama and Ms Yoko Matsubara. The other was used for making photographic portraits by portrait specialist, photographer Mr. Hiroaki Miyagi.

 Two booths offered the public good opportunities for personal exchange with SVCF members, and this proved popular among family visitors.

In the afternoon of the 12th and 13th, SVCF was given the opportunity to present the activities of SVCF from the main platform.

Members also visited other tents with pamphlets describing the aims and activities of SVCF, and held meetings with concerned personnel of the village office as well as the Chamber of Commerce, in order to promote the SVCF appeal.