President Yamada visits and talks in the U.S.


President Yamada lectures in “Fukushima Forum” scheduled in California on July 29, 2012.  The sponsor of the forum has fixed President Yamada’s  schedule in lectures, interviews with various media, and TV appearance for as long as 3 weeks here and there in the U.S.  Though details are still in preparation, lectures in more than 4 places, meeting with a Senator, lectures in Chicago and Washington D.C. are booked firm.

After his long journey to San Francisco on July 28, Chicago on August 4, Washington D.C. on August 7, Los Angeles on August 16, he departs home on August 20.

A local contact, a group of Dr. Carol Wolman, Psychiatry Green Party, arranges scheduling.  This California based group extends various activities, for instance, a warning and understanding of the danger of active and abandoned nuclear weapons.   Communicating with other active organizations throughout the U.S., this group are arranging for the message and mission of SVCF.

President Yamada will voice a step-up of the present privately managed project into a national project, a formation of the international inspection team to assure the transparency and disclosure, and an application of effective project management in the on-site level.   A SVCF member, Mr. Tatsushi OKAMOTO accompanies.