SVCF introduction in the White Paper on the Aging Society


In an annual report presented by the Government of Japan to the Diet, “the White Paper on the Aging Society in 2012”, SVCF is cited as follows.

The Public Interest Incorporated Association, “Skilled Veterans Crops for Fukushima” was established in April 2011 with an objective of the alleviation and substitution of radiation exposure for the young workers by the senior workers, namely, retired engineers, technicians, and skilled labors.

In July 2011 SVCF made a site visit in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  Though SVCF has attended seminars on radiation measuring and nuke cleanup in order for an active engagement in the site, the preparatory condition still remains unready.  Currently, SVCF sponsors learning sessions, symposia, measuring activities, and light scaled cleanups.

Members amount to 679 as of May in 2012.  It needs to build, run, and maintain facilities for over 10 years.  While a long-range strategy is in need, we wait an immediate enrollment in actual work to minimize the exposure for young labors.