Readers’ Voices

I agree with the idea of “NEOCULTURE, developed by THE AGED PEOPLE” by Director Hirai. I have studied in detail the lecture by Director Hirai, and I fully agree with the idea, expecting SVCF to become the origin of the said NEOCULTURE.

I have been hoping to leave some worthy heritage for our children, while the Fukushima nuclear plant accident constitutes a massive negative legacy to our future generations. I thoroughly appreciate the timely and appropriate NEOCULTURE proposal.

Further, I understand that the idea presented in the lecture is expected to spread like waves. I applied for SVCF membership to give my final service as I thought this may be the final efforts in my life. I expected it would be very difficult to get into the core of the TEPCO NPP accident due to the bureaucratic nature of TEPCO and its surroundings. So, as a strategy, I decided to take a more general approach and obtained certificate for the completion of the technical qualification course for large special vehicles and construction machinery, in early January this year.

I am actively supporting the appeal to establish a “Return the Thanks Day” for old people to work proudly in a way that will set examples for younger generations. I agree and support your strategy to regard SVCF as a cultural movement, as it completely matches my own position.

 I will give my best effort to cooperate with your movement.

 Kenji Fujiwara, age 75, Kobe