Monthly Report of the Watchers’ Team for Fukushima Daiichi


The Japanese government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) have jointly formed a Team for Middle and Long Term Measures for the Containment and Cleanup of Fukushima Daiichi (hereinafter referred to as “Cleanup Measure Team”). This team has published a “Road Map” for a time span covering approximately 40 years; this publication is a volume of 120 pages. The Cleanup Measure Team holds monthly meetings, the last week of every month. TEPCO submits a progress report every month; these reports consist of 90 to 120 pages.

It is quite onerous for most of the media to read through the entire content every time. The result is that very little information is presented in the newspapers or on TV, and that means that the general public is largely in the dark regarding what actually is happening in Fukushima Daiichi.

We, SVCF (Skilled Veterans Corps forFukushima), are keen to watch the status of the Fukushima Daiichi and have thus formed a “Watchers’ Team for Fukushima Daiichi (hereinafter referred to as “Watcher”) in September 2011. The Watcher picks up and pinpoints the key facts from the Cleanup Measure Team’s reports. The watchers’ reports are then published on a web site. Until June 2012 the information was only available in Japanese, but a decision was made to publish an English version from July 2012.

By studying our monthly report you may find the facts that are the most crucial and that need to be watched closely.

Yastel Yamada

on behalf of Watchers’ Team for Fukushima Daiichi