SVCF Bulletin No. 20
Issued: July 1, 2012

SVCF Supports the “Kawauchi Mura” Homing Project
SVCF has decided to support the homing project for the villagers of Kawauchi Mura or Kawauchi village.
Since an awful accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant last year, the village office and most of residents have evacuated. In January 2012 the village head, xxxxx, declared the homing and the office and elementary and junior high schools are officially back to normal as from April 1, 2012 in the Kawauchi village. It is reported that more than 400 residents have gone home.
In aid of the municipal homing project, SVCF has proposed of and discussed with local officials a detachment of voluntary workers, namely, SVCF members, for the cleanup, decontamination, and radiation measuring in housings. Consequently, it is likely to begin an actual assistance under an agreement between SVCF and the village. Vice President Shiotani will report on details in a next round of the regular In-Diet meeting.

Visit to Kawauchi Mura and Shiiba Cho
From June 20 to 21, SVCF Vice Presidents Nobuhiro Shiotani and Kazuko Sasaki and 3 members visited the village office of Kawauchi Mura and the town office of Shiiba Cho respectively and conferred with local officials. Though the Kawauchi Mura office returned this April from an evacuation city, Koriyama, the most area of Shiiba Cho still remains in a designated caution zone and the town office has run in a hall of Myojyo University in the Misato town of Iwaki city.
This visit was planned and actualized to see if SVCF could contribute positively to a homing project in municipalities for thousands of evacuees. Details: referred to SVCF Bulletin No. 19

Gamma Camera
In the Kawauchi Mura village office, the SVCF mission could join in a presentation program for a gamma camera developed by Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.
This camera synthesizes a gamma ray distribution map and actual video images and displays a generated color-coded contour by the degree of radiation. By this function, we can easily find highly radiating spots in the field. Furthermore, it can discriminate types of radioactive materials, for instance, Cesium 134, Cesium 137, and Iodine 131.
Though the lead coated body weighs heavily 40 kilograms and its estimated price costs fabulously over tens of millions Yen, its visualizing capability to make invisible radioactive rays cognized looks quite effective. If its weight reduction and cost savings are achieved, this product could be a great verifier for surveying hotspots and for checking after the cleanup condition.
As a promotion of local industries under the assistance from Hitachi, this camera is to be produced by a company that moves in Kawauchi Mura sometime this year end.

Vice President Shiotani lectures
On June 18, in response to a request from the Civil Network of the Itabashi ward, Vice President Nobuhiro Shiotani lectured on “Radioactive Rays”. To this date, the Network has learned the radioactive effect to a human body in various activities in order to minimize the exposure amidst expanding contaminations. The organization planned and requested a brush-up course.
This request is the result of the SVCF’s serious stance for the accident, our deepest knowledge, and our monitoring capability regardless of the pros and cons argument for the nuclear power.
The organization strives for checking the aerial and food exposures and asks SVCF of a partnership for the aerial monitoring.
In consideration of the diffusion of right protection method from radioactive rays, SVCF has decided to detach experienced lectures.

English Translation Team starts up
In order to introduce and propagate SVCF positively in English speaking countries, a task force tackles a translation work. As an initial step, basic texts, for instance, “Fundamental status and capacity of Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima”, are to be translated into English. Retired veteran engineers, who experienced richly in overseas missions, strive keenly.

President Yamada visits and talks in the U.S.
As we informed you in the previous issue, President Yamada lectures in “Fukushima Forum” scheduled in California on July 29, 2012. The sponsor of the forum has fixed President Yamada’s schedule in lectures, interviews with various media, and TV appearance for as long as 3 weeks here and there in the U.S. Though details are still in preparation, lectures in more than 4 places, meeting with a Senator, lectures in Chicago and Washington D.C. are booked firm.
After his long journey to San Francisco on July 28, Chicago on August 4, Washington D.C. on August 7, Los Angeles on August 16, he departs home on August 20.

A local contact, a group of Dr. Carol Wolman, Psychiatry Green Party, arranges scheduling. This California based group extends various activities, for instance, a warning and understanding of the danger of active and abandoned nuclear weapons. Communicating with other active organizations throughout the U.S., this group are arranging for the message and mission of SVCF.
President Yamada will voice a step-up of the present privately managed project into a national project, a formation of the international inspection team to assure the transparency and disclosure, and an application of effective project management in the on-site level. A SVCF member, Mr. Tatsushi OKAMOTO accompanies.

SVCF introduction in the White Paper on the Aging Society
In an annual report presented by the Government of Japan to the Diet, “the White Paper on the Aging Society in 2012”, SVCF is cited as follows.
The Public Interest Incorporated Association, “Skilled Veterans Crops for Fukushima” was established in April 2011 with an objective of the alleviation and substitution of radiation exposure for the young workers by the senior workers, namely, retired engineers, technicians, and skilled labors.
In July 2011 SVCF made a site visit in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Though SVCF has attended seminars on radiation measuring and nuke cleanup in order for an active engagement in the site, the preparatory condition still remains unready. Currently, SVCF sponsors learning sessions, symposia, measuring activities, and light scaled cleanups.
Members amount to 679 as of May in 2012. It needs to build, run, and maintain facilities for over 10 years. While a long-range strategy is in need, we wait an immediate enrollment in actual work to minimize the exposure for young labors.